8 Common Requests for Warranty Service Which Are Not Covered Under Your Warranty.

1. Paint
Paint is provided to our homeowners upon closing. This includes wall and trim paint.

2. Calk
While we utilize the highest quality caulking, over time it tends to shrink.This is a natural characteristic of this material. As such, over the course of your ownership, we highly recommend regular re-caulking of your home (interior, exterior, and "wet" areas such as tubs, showers, and backsplashes).

3. Countertops
Granite and marble countertops are made from a natural material, and as such, they will have minor imperfections. This is perfectly normal and to be expected. For their protection, your countertops were sealed upon installation, but are not stain-proof. We recommend resealing your countertops every 6 months. Over time, countertops may develop a patina (i.e. a change in color). This is a normal occurrence and to be expected. To prevent unwanted stains and other damage, we recommend that you clean any spills as soon as possible, and protect your countertops from sharp objects, heat, and abrasives.

4. Sheetrock
Cracks in your sheetrock and paint are a normal occurrence over the first years in your new home as it adjusts and settles. At one year, Ashburn Homes will repair these but will not paint over these repairs. Your local hardware store also has a large variety of products that can be applied to hairline cracks to address these issues. Hairline cracks are not the result of construction defects.

5. Landscape & Drainage
Your home was graded and approved by the county and/or city. Landscape and proper drainage are vital to the maintenance of your home. It is imperative that you install the basic components of your landscaping as soon after closing as weather permits. This will help preserve the grade that is intended for proper drainage. Failure to maintain adequate grading and drainage can cause unwanted settling and pooling around your home. Please note that damage to your home caused by failure to maintain proper drainage is not a warrantable item.

6. Windows
If you see condensation on your windows or window frames, it may be a sign that there is excess humidity in your home. Humidity (water vapor mixed with air) is drawn to the coolest surfaces, such as your windows. Cool air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, so windows and doors often collect this moisture and make it visible. A surface that is cooler than room temperature is more likely to show condensation. This condensation does not indicate a faulty window.

7. Floors
We do our best to minimize the amount of floor creaking, however it is impossible to guarantee a noise free floor. Some noises are to be expected.

8. Concrete
Concrete is going to crack. This is the nature of the material. We do our best to control where it will crack by installing control joints. These joints help channel the cracks, however it does not guarantee that cracks will only occur along the control joints. Minor cracks less than 1/8 of an inch in your basement floor, driveway or patio do not indicate structural faults, and are not warranted.